Am I suitable for eyelid surgery?

Each individual has unique needs and considerations, and therefore it is also possible that someone may not be suitable for eyelid surgery. We want to prevent you from wasting valuable time gathering information and ending up coming to a consultation for nothing.

At Looks Clinics, therefore, you can easily discover online whether eyelid surgery is right for you. How? You can read about that below.

In 4 steps you will know if you are suitable

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a personal intake interview. Together, we will see if eyelid surgery is the right option for you. At Looks Clinics, we strive to give you the confidence and appearance you crave.

  1. Take 3 clear pictures of your face
    Make sure you have good lighting and take the picture so that only your head is on it. Next, take a picture of your left side, right side and front.
  2. Please complete (in full) the form on this page
    Check the form carefully before sending it. It sometimes happens that people cannot be reached because of a small typo.
  3. Add the photos to the form
    This form allows you to include 3 photos. Add the 3 photos and then click “submit. You will receive a copy of the data you entered from us.
  4. We handle your application
    Once your request reaches us, one of our experts will start processing your photos. When the photos meet the requirements and our specialist can make a good assessment, we will inform you by phone of his/her findings. Should the doctor have doubts (for example, due to unclear photos), we may prefer to invite you to the clinic.

Add your pictures here

Important: The picture must be well exposed (preferably daylight), have a minimum resolution of 1200x1200 pixels and the file size must be a maximum of 2MB.