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Looks Clinics is not just another eyelid surgery clinic. Together with mr. Van der Schaaf originated the idea of establishing a leading clinic. Initiator drs. In fact, Dulaimi specializes in eye surgery and injectables. If you are interested in injectables visit www.kliniek88.nl. Even before he completed his studies in medicine at VU University, he was accepted into the internationally renowned ophthalmology program at Maastricht University.

eyelid surgery clinic prestigious european ophthalmologist diploma

Prestigious European diploma

There he studied for another five years. During that time, I gained a wealth of practical experience, he says. There were days when I saw 20 patients in the morning! Partly because of this, I was able to develop my surgical skills greatly. Following that, I obtained a prestigious European diploma in ophthalmology in Paris.

Currently, Drs. Dulaimi associated with the Eye Laser Center, Twents Eye Point and Hospital Group Twente. That’s also where the idea for Looks Clinics was born. Regularly, my patients inquired about eyelid surgery options. Often with some trepidation. Not only because they are afraid someone will find them vain, but also because they don’t want to become a “Barbie doll.

The latter is unthinkable at Looks Clinics. We perform only subtle changes that suit the patient’s age, face and style, emphasizes Drs. Dulaimi. We do this very precisely, removing as little skin as possible to achieve the desired results. For me, that is a prerequisite.

Clinical experience

With all his experience, he knows the anatomy of the eye and its immediate surroundings intimately. By no means every eye clinic employs a specialized eye surgeon, he explains. In many clinics, basic doctors with little or no clinical experience do eyelid surgery. I have reservations about that, because you need experience to know exactly what is feasible and what is not. In addition to Drs. Dulaimi will employ several physicians, all with years of clinical experience and the necessary “know-how” of the human body. During the procedures, the doctor will be supported by qualified staff to ensure the procedure and aftercare are as smooth and adequate as possible.

What is eyelid surgery?

Eyelid surgery is a cosmetic procedure in which the surgeon removes excess skin and fat near the eyelids. Excess skin and tissue around the eyes occurs due to aging, but can also be hereditary. There are a variety of medical or cosmetic reasons to perform eyelid surgery.

eyelid surgery clinic clinical experience
reflection period for your eyelid surgery

Reflection period

Anyone considering having a procedure should first make an appointment for an intake interview with Drs. Dulaimi or Drs. Nisson.

Drs. Dulaimi: During that appointment, we will discuss what your needs and options are. In doing so, I explain exactly why I want to do or not do something. When we agree on the treatment, we schedule it. There is always at least one week between the intake and the procedure. Indeed, I believe that a patient should always have sufficient time for reflection.

Safe and professional eyelid surgery clinic

Looks Clinics is located at the Health Innovation Park in Zwolle (across from the Isala Hospital). In our clinic, we only work with equipment from the most renowned brands. We make no compromise on safety or professionalism. And to make our patients as comfortable as possible, we even purchased heated treatment chairs!

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