Why a brow elevator

Do you have a tired, angry expression or an oppressive feeling on your eyes? Or perhaps you have a limited field of vision due to your drooping eyebrows. A brow elevator or eyelid surgery can help your symptoms. A brow elevator is possible in 2 different ways via injectables (temporary result) or surgically (permanent result). In order to advise you properly, we make a facial analysis during the free, no-obligation consultation.

Why do eyebrows droop?

The constant action of gravity combined with sagging skin can cause eyebrows to droop. Often it is also genetically determined or the eyebrows are predisposed to be a bit lower than usual and this is intensified over time.

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What types of brow elevator are there:

  • Instant eyebrow elevator. Under local anesthesia above the eyebrow, we remove an oval-shaped piece of skin. So when suturing, the skin tightens and thus the eyebrow is moved upward. It creates a scar that is generally not very visible. A scar can be chosen directly above the eyebrow or slightly more upward so that it can fall in line with a pre-existing wrinkle.
  • Lateral brow elevator. The lateral eyebrow elevator is a technique that elevators the eyebrow well and hides scars in the hairline. This makes it a very suitable technique for people who want a more pronounced brow elevator and well-hidden scars. If you are balding, this procedure is not suitable. In this case, because of the receding hairline, the scars may actually come into view.
  • Eyebrow elevator with injectables. This is very simple and quick procedure with hardly any recovery time. Treatment with injectables will cause the eyebrows to rise slightly higher than before treatment. This provides a fresh and rested look. A brow elevator with injectables will need to be repeated after about 3 – 4 months.

Great result and nice staff

Very nice experience had, especially during surgery when I was greatly reassured during sudden anxiety. Result is very beautiful and natural

– Mr. S. www.kliniekervaringen.nl

Ratio of cosmetic surgeries

* Relative Rates, USA: Anesthesia for Plastic Surgery Procedures By Víctor M. Whizar-Lugo; November 7th 2018

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