Drs. Ali Dulaimi

Drs. Dulaimi is a highly experienced eye surgeon with both Dutch and European qualifications and owns Looks Clinics.

BIG no: 79916425001

Eye surgeon Drs. Ali Dulaimi

You don’t let the first person perform surgery on your eyelids. With that thought, eye surgeon Drs. A.M.A al Dulaimi Looks Clinics established. This specialized clinic for eyelid surgery and injectables opened its doors at the Health Innovation Park in Zwolle in June 2019. Initiator drs. In fact, Dulaimi has specialized in eye surgery. Even before he completed his studies in Medicine at VU University, he was accepted into the internationally renowned ophthalmology program at Maastricht University. Currently, Drs. A.M.A al Dulaimi affiliated with the Eye Laser Center, Twents Eye Point and Hospital Group Twente. At Looks Clinics, only subtle changes are made that suit the patient’s age, face and style,” emphasizes Drs. A.M.A al Dulaimi. “We do that very precisely, requiring as little cutting and changing as possible to achieve the desired result. That is a prerequisite for Drs. A.M.A Dulaimi.”

Courses & Training

  • 2021 – 2022

    Refractive Surgery Center Eyescan

  • 2017 – 2021

    The eye laser center / ZGT

  • 2017

    Fellow European Board of Ophthalmology

  • 2012 – 2017

    University Medical Center Maastricht

  • 2006 – 2012

    Medicine at the Free University of Amsterdam

In our clinic, no basic doctors

With all his experience, he knows the anatomy of the eye and its immediate surroundings intimately. “By no means every eye clinic employs a specialized eye surgeon,” he explains. “In many clinics, basic doctors with little or no clinical experience do eyelid corrections. I have reservations about that, because you need experience to know exactly what is feasible and what is not.” In addition to Drs. A.M.A al Dulaimi will employ several physicians, all with years of clinical experience and the necessary “know-how” of the human body. During the procedures, the doctor will be supported by qualified staff to ensure the procedure and aftercare are as smooth and effective as possible.