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HYLO CARE® eye drops

Hydration and care

Low tear production or a change in the composition of tears places stress on the cells of the cornea and conjunctiva. The cells are damaged and may even die due to a decreased supply of nutrients and oxygen.


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Hylo Care® Eye Drops » Ursapharm

Low tear production or a change in the composition of tears places stress on the cells of the cornea and conjunctiva. The cells are damaged and may even die due to a decreased supply of nutrients and oxygen. The same can happen after eye surgery or as a result of mechanical injury to the ocular surface. In all cases, the result is redness of the conjunctiva, a burning sensation or the painful sensation of a foreign object in the eye.

Intensive care is therefore necessary.

In addition to intense hydration, the aim of treatment is also to quickly regenerate the irritated, damaged ocular surface. HYLO CARE® contains sodium hyaluronate, a molecule naturally produced by the human body. This product is particularly recommended for lasting and intensive moistening of the eye. Due to its chemical structure, sodium hyaluronate can retain several times its own weight in moisture. It adheres perfectly to the surface of the eye and forms an even, stable water layer. In addition, HYLO CARE® contains dexpanthenol, a substance also known as provitamin B5. Dexpanthenol has an additional moistening effect and creates the ideal conditions for rapid recovery of damage to the cornea.

Patented COMOD® system without preservatives and without phosphates

Preservatives, which aim to prevent the growth of bacteria in the eye drops during storage and application, can damage the cells of the eye surface. These substances can destroy the natural tear film and cause intolerance. For that reason, modern eye drops do not contain preservatives. HYLO CARE® also contains no preservatives, because the patented multi-dose COMOD® system prevents contamination of the solution by micro-organisms.

In addition to the preservatives, the phosphates present in large numbers in eye drops can also have a harmful effect if the cornea is already damaged.1 The reaction with the calcium released by the cells of the damaged cornea can lead to the formation of calcifications, causing calcification and irreversibly affecting vision. For this reason, eye drops used to treat dry and irritated eyes should not contain any phosphate. HYLO CARE® is completely free of phosphates and thus eliminates the risk of calcification formation.

HYLO CARE® – Intensive care thanks to sodium hyaluronate and dexpanthenol

  • Artificial tears with 0.1% sodium hyaluronate and dexpanthenol processed in the COMOD® system.
  • Gives the cornea back its natural protective barrier
  • Accelerated recovery thanks to the extra moisturizing effect of dexpanthenol
  • Replaces the ointment during the day without affecting vision
  • Without preservatives and without phosphates
  • Suitable for contact lenses


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