CBR Eye examination

Depending on your referral, you may choose the ophthalmologist for your driver’s license examination. CBR offers a complete list that includes Looks Clinics. Ultimately, any registered ophthalmologist may perform this examination, but CBR’s list does provide a bit more confidence. In some cases, you will be referred to a specific ophthalmologist for a CBR eye examination. However, you may not go to an optician for this eye examination.

Driving license inspection

Perception is important in traffic. For example, to find your way and see danger coming. The most important eye functions for traffic are visual acuity (visus) and visual fields. The government has set requirements for this for the driver’s license.

Visual acuity and fields of vision

Visual acuity allows you to see well at a distance, for example, to read signs. The better the vision, the sooner you can read a sign and the safer it is in traffic. Normal visual acuity, possibly with glasses or lenses, is between 0.8 and 1.5. With the visual fields, you see the things you do not look at in a focused way, but what you perceive with the corners of your eyes. This is important as a warning function. A normal field of vision with two eyes is about 180 degrees, with one eye about 150 degrees.

Who performs the inspection

The examinations are performed by a BIG registered ophthalmologist.

When can I start the application

We recommend starting the examination procedure at least 4 months before your driver’s license expires. A medical examination can be done as early as one year before your driver’s license expires.

Who should be inspected

  • Drivers of bus/trucks
  • People with certain conditions such as: Diabetes, ADHD or stroke (TIA)
  • If you are older than 75 years of age

What can you prepare

  • The inspection report (preferably with ZD code for online processing of your data)
  • Proof of identity
  • Medicine List
  • Glasses or contact lenses (if applicable)

Make an appointment?

Inspections are available with us on Mondays. If you wish to make an appointment for a driver’s license inspection, please call 038 – 303 55 80.

Online processing

At Looks Clinics, we strive to forward your application digitally, via Zorgdomein, to the CBR. This helps ensure that your inspection is completed quickly.

Source : www.cbr.nl