Treatments of Looks Clinics

Below is an overview of our treatments.

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Eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery is a cosmetic procedure in which the surgeon removes excess skin and fat near the eyelids. Excess skin is also called dermatochalazis. Among other things, these droopy eyelids can give you a tired look.

How does surgery work, what can you expect and how is recovery.

Eyebrow lift

Do you have a tired, angry expression or an oppressive feeling on your eyes? Or perhaps you have a limited field of vision due to your drooping eyebrows. A brow elevator or eyelid surgery can help your symptoms.

We discuss the different types of eyebrow elevators and the complaints that fit this consideration.

CBR eye examination

Depending on your referral, you may choose the ophthalmologist for your driver’s license examination. CBR offers a complete list that includes Looks Clinics. Ultimately, any registered ophthalmologist may perform this examination, but CBR’s list does provide a bit more confidence.

Who needs to be inspected and what can you prepare yourself.