Hylo Night® Eye Ointment » Ursapharm

HYLO NIGHT® eye ointment

Nighttime protection of the eyes

During our sleep, tear production stops. At night, during the recovery phase, but also when one is unconscious, no tears are produced.


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Hylo Night® Eye Ointment » Ursapharm

The annoying waking up due to dry eyes

During our sleep, tear production stops. At night, during the recovery phase, but also when one is unconscious, no tears are produced. Waking up can be difficult for people who suffer from dry eyes. The eyelids can stick together and remnants of the evaporated tear fluid can form unpleasant crusts. When this is caused by rubbing, the cornea and conjunctiva become irritated, as well as the skin of the eyelids and this can cause inflammation in these areas.


Lubrication and protection of the eyes at night

VitA POS® has changed its name: HYLO NIGHT®. The composition has remained identical.

HYLO NIGHT® – prevents dehydration of the eye surface

The gentle ointment with vitamin A nourishes the cornea and conjunctiva during the night, as well as the eyelid margins and stabilizes the tear film. This prevents sticking eyes and the formation of scabs and is therefore ideal for healing the stressed tissue without complications. This ointment is suitable for all patients who suffer from dry eyes, regardless of the severity of the complaints.

Without preservatives and without phosphates

Due to its high viscosity, an ophthalmic ointment remains on the surface of the eye much longer than liquid eye drops. For this reason, with preparations in the form of ophthalmological ointment, care must be taken to ensure that the preparation does not contain harmful substances, such as preservatives or phosphates. Door hun langere werkingsduur kan de door deze bestanddelen van oftalmische zalf veroorzaakte schade ernstiger zijn dan bij oogdruppels. The ophthalmological ointment HYLO NIGHT® does not contain any preservatives or phosphates. The risk associated with the harmful effect on the cornea and conjunctiva is therefore definitively eliminated.


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