The importance of a consultation prior to eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery is a major procedure that can improve the aesthetics and functionality of your eyelids. For a successful procedure, it is essential to have a consultation with an experienced surgeon. In this article, we discuss why a consultation prior to eyelid surgery is so important. As an expert surgeon at Looks Clinics, I also want to point out our option for online video consultations, which increase convenience and accessibility.

Why a consultation prior to eyelid surgery?

Evaluation of your medical history

During the consultation, the surgeon will evaluate your medical history. This is important because certain medical conditions or medications can increase the risk of complications. A thorough assessment helps the surgeon determine the appropriateness of the procedure for your specific situation.

Discussing your expectations

A consultation provides an opportunity to discuss your expectations and aesthetic goals. The surgeon will listen to you, understand your wishes and give you realistic expectations about the results. This helps create a common understanding and ensure that you are satisfied with the final result.

Examination of your eyelids

During the consultation, the surgeon will thoroughly examine your eyelids. This includes assessing skin elasticity, muscle strength and the extent of excess skin or fat deposits. This assessment is crucial to determining the right treatment method and technique that is best for you.

Explanation of procedure and risks

The surgeon will explain the eyelid surgery procedure in detail, including possible risks and complications. It is important to be fully informed about the procedure so that you can make informed decisions. The surgeon will also answer any questions you may have and address concerns.

The benefits of an online video consultation at Looks Clinics

At Looks Clinics, we also offer the option of online video consultations. This offers several advantages, including:

Convenience and accessibility

An online video consultation allows you to speak with our surgeon in the comfort of your own home or office. This saves you travel time and makes the consultation easier to schedule, especially if you live far away or have a busy schedule.

Personal interaction

During an online video consultation, you can still have a face-to-face interaction with the surgeon. You can ask your questions, share your concerns, and the surgeon can give you adequate advice and guidance.

Building trust

An online video consultation allows you to build trust with the surgeon even if you are not physically present. This is important for successful treatment because you must feel comfortable with the surgeon and have confidence in his or her expertise.


A consultation prior to eyelid surgery is vital to a successful procedure. It provides an opportunity to review your medical history, discuss your expectations, examine your eyelids and educate you about the procedure and risks. At Looks Clinics, we also offer the option of online video consultations, increasing convenience and accessibility for our clients. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and begin your journey to more beautiful eyelids.

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Published on 20 July 2023