Eyelid surgery is in good hands at Looks Clinics

Located in beautiful Zwolle, right across from the Isala Hospital is Looks Clinics. Looks Clinics is the clinic for eyelid surgery. In a beautifully decorated waiting room with a living room feel, we engaged in conversation with Drs. A.M.A. Al Dulaimi, specialist in eyelid surgery. Here they do the most eyelid surgery in the region at a very high level. This is evident from experiences on the independent website clinicervaringen.nl and the before and after photos found on the website.

Most people think of eyelid surgery as an “upper eyelid correction”; this is where they remove the excess skin on the upper eyelids. Indeed, at Looks Clinics, this is the most commonly performed procedure, but in addition, they also remove “fat pockets” on the upper and lower eyelids. With eyelid surgery, we also have to think about bags under the eyes, or lower eyelid surgery, which is a complex procedure that is regularly done here. The pallet of procedures at Looks Clinics also includes brow elevator and cosmetic blemish removal.

The team is highly professional, including an esthetician (Dr. Nisson Lahdo), optometrists and physician assistants, all qualified and BIG registered. In addition to the above treatments, the clinic is frequently requested for a second-opinion and for revision of treatments, which have been performed elsewhere “less-fun”.

Drs. Dulaimi is extremely qualified. “After studying medicine at the Free University in Amsterdam, I continued my education at the internationally renowned eye surgery training program at Maastricht University.”
Following this, he obtained the prestigious European Diploma in Ophthalmology in Paris. The physician is also a member of the Dutch Orbital Society, Dutch Ophthalmological Society, European Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons and the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery.

The clinic is located at the Health Innovation Park in Zwolle in the Van Kempen building. It is a modern medical building opposite Isala Hospital. Here you can park for free. “We have a state of the art operating room with the best diagnostic equipment.”


During an intake interview, wishes and possibilities are discussed. When doctor and client agree on treatment, the procedure is scheduled. There is always at least a week in between. Dulaimi believes, a client should always have sufficient time for reflection.

Interventions and aftercare

Of course, the procedures vary from client to client, matching age, face and wishes. We take ample time before and after the procedure to make the client as comfortable as possible. “We offer excellent service. There is good personal guidance, after a week sutures are removed and after two months is the final check-up.”

All of the Netherlands

Clients come mainly from the region, but also from, for example, Amsterdam or Venlo. “People are willing to travel for quality; you only do a procedure like this once in a lifetime. In addition, we ensure short waiting times by smart planning and freeing up extra OR days.” You can make your own appointment at Looks Clinics through the website or by calling.

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Published on 16 December 2022