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Is an eyelid correction suitable for me?

To determine whether an eyelid correction is suitable for you, we recommend that you first visit the clinic before the procedure for a free, no-obligation consultation. The surgeon carries out a facial analysis to see whether you are suitable for an eyelid correction. You will also receive all information about the eyelid correction, the risks and the costs. This way you know in advance where you stand.

Some frequently asked questions

Below are some frequently asked questions we often hear. Do you prefer watching videos? Then go to our playlist ‘Frequently asked questions about eyelid corrections‘ on YouTube.

Will my eyelid correction be reimbursed by the insurer?2024-05-30T13:27:23+02:00

Whether your eyelid correction is reimbursed by the insurer does not depend on your insurer, but on the type of treatment and the extent to which it bothers you. However, an upper eyelid correction is a cosmetic procedure and is not reimbursed. There are exceptions, but this is rare.

A lower eyelid correction (where the eyelid turns in or out) falls under basic care and is therefore reimbursed.

Because we are a non-contracted healthcare provider, we do not declare the care for you to the health insurer. In principle, you must pay for the care provided at the counter immediately after your appointment by means of a debit card payment, unless other agreements have been made with you. So you first pay for the treatment yourself. You can then submit the invoice you receive from us to your health insurer. What you get back from your health insurer depends on your insurance conditions.

Are there risks with an eyelid correction?2024-05-30T13:27:47+02:00

Whether there are risks with an eyelid correction depends on many factors. In our focus clinic in Zwolle we work extremely accurately, so we are specialists. However, every procedure carries risks. With upper eyelid correction, the chance of complications is small, but it is not impossible. For example, you may experience dry or watery eyes. These complaints are generally only temporary. During the free and non-binding consultation (prior to the operation), the risks will be discussed with you.

Do I have to go under anesthesia?2024-05-30T13:28:11+02:00

No, our eye surgeon works with a local anesthetic. This means that only the area around your eyes is anesthetized during the treatment. This means you can go home quickly after the treatment and you will not experience nausea as a result of the anesthesia. You also do not need to fast before the treatment.

Do the results of an eyelid correction remain visible for a long time?2024-05-30T13:28:14+02:00

Whether the result of an eyelid correction remains visible for a long time partly has to do with the recovery process, but because with an eyelid correction we remove the excess skin and fat above or below your eyelids, this normally has a long-lasting effect. In general, an eyelid correction is a one-off procedure. It may happen that after about 10 years the skin has aged so much that the drooping eyelids return, in which case a second treatment is possible. However, this does not happen often.

Is an upper and lower eyelid correction possible at the same time?2024-05-30T13:28:16+02:00

An upper and lower eyelid correction at the same time is sometimes possible, but it is often wise to have the upper eyelid correction performed first. After upper eyelid correction you can often better assess whether a lower eyelid correction is still necessary.

Can I wear lenses after an eyelid correction?2024-05-30T13:28:19+02:00

It is better not to wear lenses after an eyelid correction in the first week. Be careful not to pull your eyelids hard to put the lenses in and out during the first month after treatment, as this can slow down the healing process.

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