What determines the cost of eyelid surgery?

The cost of eyelid surgery can vary greatly by clinic and/or area. There are also clinics that charge separately for certain (after) care. Then at first it seems cheaper than somewhere else, but you end up being more expensive. Therefore, it is important to be well informed and always ask the right questions. Below we talk about what factors can affect the cost of eyelid surgery and provide links to helpful other articles.

What affects the cost in eyelid surgery

The cost of eyelid surgery can vary greatly from clinic to clinic, but other factors also come into play.

Type of eyelid surgery

There are different types of eyelid corrections, such as upper eyelid corrections, lower eyelid corrections or combined corrections. So costs can vary greatly. At Looks Clinics, all treatments include: Free intake, facial analysis, eye exam (*on indication), goodie bag a scar cream and a consultation within 2 weeks of surgery. View our rates here.

Surgeon’s experience

An experienced surgeon with a proven track record may charge higher rates, but this can also provide peace of mind and better results.

Clinic location

Clinic location can affect costs. In general, clinics in large cities are more expensive than in smaller urban areas.

Diversity in (after) care

Some clinics offer comprehensive packages, including preoperative and postoperative care, while others charge these costs separately. So pay attention to what is and is not included in the price. At Looks Clinics we will guide you from start to finish, this is included in our fees.

Consultation included in the cost? At Looks Clinics we do

Before committing yourself to eyelid surgery, it is advisable to schedule a consultation with an experienced surgeon. During this consultation, you can discuss your expectations, determine the most appropriate treatment method and get a clear idea of the cost. For more information on what to discuss during a consultation, check out our article “What questions should I ask my surgeon about eyelid surgery?”

Note! The cost of eyelid surgery is usually not covered

In some medical cases, the health insurance company may want to reimburse the costs, but generally you will have to bear these costs yourself. So also consider in advance whether you are up for it. In the case of Looks Clinics, at least you know that a lot of (after) care is included in our fees.

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Published on 12 September 2023