Why get eyelid surgery

Having eyelid surgery performed is largely for people who have too much skin and/or fat at the eyelids. This excess skin is also called dermatochalazis and can give a tired appearance. With eyelid surgery, this is removed and you have a beautiful open face again. Having an eyelid surgery performed can also be done purely for cosmetic purposes.

Having eyelid surgery performed

Complaints consistent with drooping eyelids

  • Tired eyes/vision
  • Reduced field of vision
  • Difficulty wearing glasses
  • Reading complaints
  • Headache complaints
  • Tearing eyes

Droopy eyelids can make you look older, and applying makeup can be tricky. Old age and smoking are the biggest causes of droopy eyelids, however, it can also be genetic (familiar) or fit a physical condition. Furthermore, frequent exposure to UV radiation (tanning beds), can cause skin sagging and skin excess. Having an eyelid surgery performed is a good solution in most cases.

Average ages eyelid surgery

*relative percentages

How does eyelid surgery work

When you want to have eyelid surgery, a careful examination is first done to see if you qualify for eyelid surgery. If you are suitable, a surgery date will be scheduled with you. Surgery days are usually Monday or Saturday. This can be deviated from by mutual agreement. The day of the procedure, you will be met by the physician’s assistant and escorted to the treatment room. Then the surgical area is marked off (most important step of the procedure). Get to know us better.

Having an eyelid surgery performed painful?

The procedure takes place under local anesthesia and takes about 30 minutes. During the procedure, you will be awake and the doctor will tell you (if you wish) about the progress of the procedure. After the procedure, you can relax and we will give you a cooling mask. This cooling will ensure that you recover as quickly as possible after the procedure. It is important to refrigerate well for the first 3 days. For this, you will receive instruction from the physician’s assistant. Proper and regular cooling is essential for proper recovery. One week after the procedure, you will return for removal of the sutures. A clear difference can already be seen, but the final result is visible after 6 to 8 weeks.

Male/female eyelid surgery

Getting eyelid surgery is a conscious choice

85% of the eyelid surgeries we perform are on women, yet more and more men are also choosing this. The vast majority of people who get eyelid surgery choose to do so because of excess skin and/or fat near the eyelids. This excess skin can give a tired look. In eyelid surgery, we remove excess fat or skin so you can regain a beautiful open face.

Super satisfied with the knowledgeable and kind staff and doctor as well as the result!

I found it quite exciting but everyone was calm and I was put at ease, the surgery and recovery went very smoothly and the result is super; no more tired painful forehead and a nice open look

– Mrs. M. www. kliniekervaringen.nl

Ratio of cosmetic surgeries

* Relative Rates, USA: Anesthesia for Plastic Surgery Procedures By Víctor M. Whizar-Lugo; November 7th 2018

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